What financial assets will Donald Trump’s children inherit?


Donald Trump’s three eldest children – Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka – each hold 7.5% interest in a lease on the Washington DC property, per Forbes. And although children are the losers, they are also arguably somewhat to blame. For her part, it was Ivanka who presented the property that will become The Trump International Hotel as a solid investment choice. Donald signed it and the family rented the building in 2013 and invested $ 200 million in it. Meanwhile, Don Jr. was working on the rental and Eric was focusing on operations. But despite the family’s dedication to the effort, House documents revealed that the hotel was not performing well.

Considering its poor performance, it may not be surprising that the Trump family is considering selling the DC hotel. The the Wall Street newspaper reported that Trump and his heirs were looking to sell their rights to the property for $ 370 million, which would go a long way in repairing the damage to their financial situation. The interests of 7.5% of Trump’s children would drop from $ 225,000 to $ 15 million each if the sale goes through, according to Forbes. It’s definitely an increase, but with the hotel’s questionable performance, it can be a tough sell.

Much depends on the family’s ability to monetize their hotel. If they don’t, Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric might not be as well off as their parents might hope.


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