Weston Urban unveils plans for 15-story Continental hotel development in San Antonio


Weston Urban, the local developer behind the new Frost Tower, plans to further alter the Saytown skyline with another towering development.

The major developer submitted plans to the Historic Design and Review Board for a 57,000 square foot, 15 story residential development adjacent to the historic Continental Hotel building at the corner of Laredo and Commerce streets.

The first five floors of the tower will consist of a concrete parking garage with 351 parking spaces nestled between the Continental Hotel and Arana buildings that will blend “seamlessly”, according to HDRC documents.

The remaining 10 floors will consist of 258 residential units, starting with a sixth-floor “amenity” room that leads to a terrace and swimming pool above the parking garage building.

Weston Urban is in the process of acquiring the old Continental Hotel building on Commerce Street downtown.

Photos by William Luther / Team Photographer

Weston Urban plans to transform the Continental and Arana spaces, built in 1896 and 1926 respectively, into commercial offices and creative lofts.

Part of these plans include major exterior renovations to the Continental Hotel building on the Commerce Street side and the addition of the Arana Building on the Dolorosa Street side. The renovations include restoring the original masonry designs of the storefront, cleaning the bricks and stones, and installing new windows that replicate the original windows.

Weston Urban also wants to remove the rear additions from the Continental and Arana that were built in the ’80s and’ 90s.

While the plans will leave the historic Garza House between the Continental and Arana buildings, Weston Urban will relocate the O’Henry House. Although the O’Henry House is in a historic district, the structure is not on a local registry and is listed as non-contributory to the National
Register at the historic district.

The developer hasn’t finalized the new location, but Weston Urban does note in the plans that the O’Henry House was moved in the 1990s from its original location to the Lone Star Brewery.

The plans are expected to be presented to the HDRC on Wednesday.


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