Tyler’s downtown plaza gets a facelift, residents can expect hotels and businesses to pop up


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The town of Tyler was founded in 1846 and authorities now have major plans to modernize the downtown plaza.

Townhouses, lofts, hotels and restaurant developments are all on the horizon for years to come.

“Having the ability to have people here to complement the night scene is a huge plus,” said Amber Varona, director of Main Street.

Perhaps the most anticipated project is the historic Carlton Hotel. It is currently a vacant 15-storey building with an area of ​​115,000 square feet.

A New Orleans-based real estate company NORF bought it recently. They plan to restore the building to mixed-use multi-family housing with more than 100 residential units, several commercial spaces, a rooftop pool and cabanas.

Plus, given that the city just announced the establishment of the new University of Texas at Tyler Medical School, NORF believes the renovated building will be a great addition for students, faculty, staff and the local community. by Tyler.

“Tyler is a big city in growth mode. Spending time there, the atmosphere is contagious. City leaders are proud to stand up for opportunity while entrepreneurs and professionals have embraced a common vision. Locals celebrate each other’s victories and visitors admire its beauty, ”said NORF Managing Director Cullan Maumus. “We are thrilled to be a part of this undeniably special time in Tyler’s history. The Carlton was once a gem of the city. We look forward to reviving this iconic property and being a part of the revitalization of downtown Tyler.

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