Top 10 global news: US lawmakers in Taiwan, Chinese blockade of Nepal, etc.


The United States Congressional delegation that arrived in Taiwan for a visit on Sunday, led by Senator Ed Markey, includes four other lawmakers and they will visit a number of countries in the “Indo-Pacific region”, the States United de facto embassy in Taipei said. Separately, Nepalese officials have said the Chinese border will be closed for a week, but it is uncertain whether trade will resume as there is a strong chance that the blockade will be extended. The development comes after Nepalese Foreign Minister Dr. Narayan Khadka visited China and held bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on August 10.

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US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan days after Nancy Pelosi’s visit angered China

A US congressional delegation arrived in Taiwan on Sunday for a visit and will meet President Tsai Ing-wen during the two-day trip. It came just days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi became the first senior US official to visit the country in the recent past, angering China. In the aftermath of the visit, tensions rose between the two nations and China conducted military exercises around the border dividing the Taiwan Strait.

China Blocks Trading Points Citing Covid-19, Nepalese Traders Suffer Losses


For two years, China has imposed an “undeclared blockade” on Nepal, allowing only a few containers to pass. Now it has completely closed the two trading points with Nepal – Tatopani and Rasuwagadhi, the two main ones on the border for importing goods from China.

Country ‘most at risk of natural disasters’ to switch to renewables by 2030


The Pacific country of Vanuatu has experienced a number of major natural disasters over the years and, according to the United Nations, the country is currently “the most prone to natural disasters” in the world. In order to improve the situation, Vanuatu has decided to switch completely to renewable energy by 2030. The small nation has become only the 12th country to make this commitment. According to rough estimates, it will cost them about $1.2 billion by 2030.

IN PHOTOS | “We are heartbroken, we are exhausted”: France fights a “monster forest fire”


The “monster” forest fire, which destroyed woods and forced 10,000 people to leave their homes, raged for a third day in southwestern France on Thursday. The large blaze was battling on multiple fronts and firefighters backed by water bomber planes warned there would be no break in the heat until the weekend.

Ghani embezzled money, buried by history, says Afghan envoy to Tajikistan Agbar


Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Tajikistan, Muhammad Zahir Agbar, criticized Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan and blamed him for the “situation in Afghanistan” whose responsibility is in “Ghani’s hands”. Ghani was the president of the Afghan Republic that collapsed on August 15, 2021 as he fled the country amid the Taliban takeover.

Man crashes car into US Capitol barricade, kills himself after shooting gun: report


In the early hours of Sunday, a man crashed his car near the US Capitol, opened fire, then killed himself. United States Capitol Police are investigating the event. United States Capitol Police said in a statement that the person did not appear to be targeting any lawmakers. No other person was injured.

41 dead, 55 injured in Cairo church fire during mass: security sources


At least 41 people were killed and 55 others injured when a violent fire broke out on Sunday in a church in a crowded district of Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Asia sees boom in apps that turn restaurant leftovers into low-cost meals


The supper buffet at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Singapore normally costs guests around $70 and features a delicious assortment of chicken satay, wok-fried mud crab and chilled tiger prawns. For a tenth of that cost, those on a tighter budget who also care about durability can fill a box. Tech entrepreneurs in Asia are using food that would otherwise have been wasted to provide cheap meals through mobile phone apps.

Worsening cost of living crisis is pushing Britons to ditch their pets


Harriet, a black cocker spaniel, has been left behind as increasing numbers of Britons are forced to give up their pets due to the country’s skyrocketing cost of living. She stands on her hind legs to greet any potential owner who might approach her glass kennel.

Tomato crisis looms in California as drought intensifies


California, which accounts for a quarter of global tomato production, is facing its worst crisis. The lack of adequate rainfall is forcing farmers to prepare for a water crisis that is undermining crop cultivation.


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