These are the most charming islands in Georgia


Georgia is home to more than a dozen barrier islands, offering different beaches and unique activities. The the barrier islands were created by geological activity over 5,000 years ago. From history to entertainment and outdoor recreation, Georgia’s barrier islands are the best destinations for sightseeing and day trips. Travelers should check out the amazing nightlife spots, attractions, and restaurants to explore most of these gorgeous islands. Looking to escape to one of the most charming islands in the state? These are the most charming islands in Georgia.

ten Tybee Island

Located about a 20-minute drive from downtown Savannah, Tybee Island is one of the state’s most famous destinations and one of the most family-friendly islands in the state. It’s known for its incredible white-sand beaches, upscale restaurants, spectacular parks, sports fields and beautiful playgrounds, and has welcomed visitors since the 1800s. There’s a lot to enjoy about this island. other than the awesome beach life. Tourists can hike and explore some of the historical sites on the island, such as the Fort Pulaski National Monument. Once the activities are over, one can enjoy a meal at one of the island’s outstanding waterfront restaurants.

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9 Hutchinson Island

Located in the Savannah River District, just north of downtown Savannah, Hutchinson Island is recognized for its role in the American Civil War when Union forces captured Savannah in 1864. Not to be confused with Hutchinson Florida, the island is now home to incredible hotels and convention centers, including Westin Savannah, home to Savannah’s International Trade and Convention Center. With all of this, Hutchinson is definitely a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

8 Lake Lanier Islands

Covering 1,500 acres, the Lake Lanier Islands are located along the shore of Lake Sidney Lanier. The area is amazing for a beach vacation and has plenty of attractions to explore, including the Margaritaville family water park, an RV park, an 18-hole golf course, and plenty of hotels and cabin rentals. Located about an hour north of Atlanta, the Lanier Islands are definitely a nature lover’s paradise, and one will definitely enjoy vacationing there. Accommodations in the area have many options, including pet-friendly and family-friendly accommodations, each offering incredible amenities and a unique experience.

seven Jekyll Island

Known as a playground for some of America’s wealthiest families, Jekyll Island offers breathtaking scenery, fantastic wildlife experiences, lavish accommodations and incredible historic mansions. While on the island, visitors can be sure to wake up to the chirping of birds. Located about an hour and thirty minutes from the Georgia-Florida border, this island offers the best beach experience, thanks to its incredible spots, such as Driftwood Beach.

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6 Saint Simons Island

While today the island of Saint Simons is a coastal paradise, it remained untouched for several centuries. Boasting seven miles of coastline, the island is one of Georgia’s largest and best-preserved conservation areas and features unspoilt wilderness waiting to be explored. When visiting with a large group of family or friends, booking the entire island for a private vacation is permitted. The island is home to some beautiful accommodations, including the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island. The sumptuous cottages are surrounded by oak trees and golden marshes.

5 sea ​​island

Sea Island is privately owned and it is one of the most accessible islands in Georgia as travelers can get there simply by car or by plane to Brunswick Golden Isle Airport which is approximately 29 km. The island has been receiving visitors since 1928. One of the most iconic attractions to explore on this island is the St. Simons Lighthouse. One of the most interesting activities to practice on the island in search of baby sea turtles. The Sea Island Resort is the most famous hotel on the island, but there are many other places to stay in the area.

4 Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island features a dramatic coastline with car-free roads and quiet surroundings, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. In 2000 BC, when people started inhabiting the island, it was mainly used for fishing and hunting. The largest barrier island in Georgia now offers more outdoor activities, other fishing activities. Travelers can spend time swimming, bird watching, or simply strolling the island’s many trails. While exploring the island, one is likely to spot wild horses, pigs and loggerhead turtles.

3 Blackbeard Island

Blackbeard Island is open to the public and visitors can explore it any time of the year. The island is located off the Georgian coast and can only be reached by boat. It is home to incredible wildlife, including many shorebirds, seabirds and turtles that can be found all over the beaches. Travelers visiting this island should be careful, as reports have been published of the presence of American alligators. Hiking is another awesome activity not to be missed on the island. Visitors exploring during hunting season can experience dear hunting.

2 Cockspur Island

Sometimes called the Long Island by locals because of its length, Cockspur Island has a fascinating history dating back to colonial times. Those who visit the island can learn how it played a role at Fort Pulaski National Monument during the colonial period. The Cockspur Island Lighthouse on the island is off limits to the public, but travelers can view it from afar. The island is also accessible by car. There are many hotels to stay at when exploring the island.

1 Sapelo Island

It is the fourth largest coastal island in Georgia, and an incredible beach living experience awaits you on the island. Vacationers can only reach the island by ferry and reservations are required to access the island. There is a white and red lighthouse mounted on the shore, which tourists should be sure to check out. The island is perfect for visitors looking for some of the most relaxed, quiet, secluded, and gorgeous beaches in the state. Don’t leave the island without exploring the Reynolds Mansion, which has stood for over 200 years.


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