The home in mind of the Ukrainian twin sisters in Lake George for the summer


Two young Ukrainian women happily greet guests at a Lake George hotel this summer, even as their thoughts go out to their friends and family in their war-ravaged country.

Their hometown has been bombed and much of the infrastructure destroyed, but Anna and Tanya Huzii push forward here in the United States while fearing for their loved ones in Ukraine.

They work at the front desk of the Fort William Henry Hotel. They are also waitresses on cruise ships on Lake George.

As the 24-year-old twins from Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine work 60-hour weeks, they often think of their families back home. Their city was among the first to be bombed. Many of their friends joined the war effort and some of them lost their lives defending Ukraine.

When the women work the front desk, they display a small Ukrainian flag and look forward to thanking Americans for supporting their country.

The young women will stay and work in Lake George until September 15, then set off to tour the country before returning to university in Slovakia to complete their master’s degrees.

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