Sheffield’s flagship hotel development kicks off with the appointment of a construction company

Artist’s impression of the appearance of Pinstone Street

Construction firm McLaughlin & Harvey, which worked on the recent renovation of The Moor, was nominated for the development of the Radisson Blu hotel on Pinstone Street, which is part of the Heart of the City program.

The council hopes that the hotel’s arrival will help attract new business opportunities to the city, while strengthening its profile as a “major destination for business and travel”.

A top-of-the-range rooftop bar and terrace is also planned for the hotel, with a view of the Peace Gardens.

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Councilor Terry Fox, Head of Sheffield City Council, said: “We are delighted to see construction on the Radisson Blu site begin. We believe the arrival of Radisson Blu – a brand of real quality and prestige – will be key to the ongoing rejuvenation of our downtown area and help the city thrive as part of our post-Covid economic recovery. “

The front portion of the hotel, including the retail and dining units on the ground floor, will be housed behind the Victorian façades of Palatine Chambers and City Mews on Pinstone Street.

Barker’s Pool House at the back is to be demolished and replaced with a new adjoining building, which will house the majority of the hotel’s 154 rooms.

The gradual demolition of Barker’s Pool House is expected to begin around the end of June, with the full program slated to start in the summer of 2023.

Heart of the City is produced by Sheffield Council and its strategic development partner Queensberry.

Andrew Davison, Project Director at Queensberry, said: “We are very pleased with the appointment of McLaughlin & Harvey and the experience they bring to hotel construction. We’re also extremely excited to see one of the latest Heart of the City pieces kick off and it’s a great example of what we’re trying to achieve: attract high-end brands and breathe new life into the city of Sheffield. “

Gary Bell, chief operating officer of McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd, said the company was delighted to have been selected for the program.

“We bring the experience of our ever-expanding expertise in the leisure industry and look forward to working with our local supply chain,” he added.

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