Panthers owner David Tepper puts real estate company out of business


In a bizarre foreshadowing not even two months ago, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio speculated that Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper wouldn’t be short of taking his ball and heading home. him if and when he couldn’t do what he wanted.

“Frankly, there’s a good chance Tepper is playing some high-level hardball with Rock Hill like a shot through the arc in Charlotte,” Florio wrote in April when the Rock Hill deal began to fall apart. “The tough market Tepper chose to drive in South Carolina could be a precursor to the tough market he’s going to drive in North Carolina.

“Perhaps that’s why Tepper doesn’t seem troubled by the current situation. Its deeper message could be much more pointed.

“Give me what I want, or I’ll end up leaving.”

Well, he didn’t make it in South Carolina. And now he’s gone.

As reported by Joseph Person and Daniel Kaplan of Athleticism late Wednesday night, the eighth-richest owner in all of professional sports put his real estate holding company, GT Real Estate Holdings, in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That, in turn, officially closes the billionaire’s chapter on the Rock Hill seat.

GT Real State Holdings issued the following statement:

We will provide you with further updates on this development as they become available.


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