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development project. – Office of the Secretary General “/>
Chief Secretary and Tourism Secretary Ancil Dennis, second from right, chats with Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell, right, eTeck Chairman Imtiaz Ahamad, left, and Minister of Commerce and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon at a press conference Tuesday to announce a $ 500 million development project. – Office of the Secretary General

A $ 500 million first-class hotel and real estate development, bearing the Marriott brand, is due to be built in Tobago in 2023 to significantly boost Tobago’s struggling tourism sector. The estimated completion time is 2025.

Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Co Ltd (eTecK) President Imtiaz Ahamad made the announcement during a press conference Tuesday at the Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort in the Lowlands.

He said the proposed development, which is being undertaken by Superior Hotels Ltd, will be built at Rocky Point on approximately 28 acres of land on the west side of Grafton Road and south of Pleasant Prospect.

Ahamad said the project is expected to provide jobs for 750 people during construction. When completed, the development will employ 250 people.

It includes a 200-room hotel, 28 duplex residences, 11 luxury single-family villas and 12 fully-equipped townhouses. The development will also contain facilities for scuba diving, jogging, cycling, local food and crafts, among other amenities.

Ahamad said that after a five-month in-depth evaluation, a five-man committee completed and submitted its report and recommendations to Cabinet, which approved them,

“The proposal submitted by Superior Hotels TT Ltd involves the development of a world-class all-inclusive resort with a Marriott brand.”

He said that Superior Hotels Ltd, which has extensive experience in the management and development of large-scale hotels and properties locally and abroad, is led by Chairman and Principal Investor John Aboud and includes George and Anthony Rahael and Richard Smith.

Ahamad said eTecK must now issue a letter of offer to Superior Hotels for a 99-year lease of the land at Rocky Point.

THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis told the Tobagonians the development would not meet the same fate as Sandals Resorts International.

“Just five years ago we almost had a Sandals. But I want to assure the people of Tobago that this time around it won’t be ‘almost’ – but we will have a Marriott hotel here in Tobago by 2025, ”he said.

He said the hotel is just one of many investments expected to take place in Tobago over the next few years.

“This investment of $ 500 million in the tourism sector is only a part of what should be millions of dollars in the tourism sector over the next few years, because I also want to say that it does not this is only one of the possible – I would like to I don’t want to call the amount – but there are other possibilities for hotel investments here in Tobago. “

Dennis said a marina is also on the drawing board for the near future.

“Therefore, what you have is a situation where millions of dollars are being invested in the tourism sector in Tobago, both by the state and by private developers who are also getting involved. Because for this particular project, the entire $ 500 million is invested by individuals.

He added: “I think this indicates that despite our challenges, we all have to admit that the tourism sector is perhaps the biggest victim of this pandemic… But I want to assure all of us that the tourism sector. tourism will rebound… and we must therefore continue to prepare for it.

Dennis also urged Tobagonians to avoid disparaging the project.

“We were all there and saw what happened with the Sandals project and I tell the people of Tobago that we have a responsibility to make it a success. Ask questions, share your concerns if you have any. But I say that attempts to slander and derail this project should not be encouraged in the Tobago space.

“Therefore, I say to all stakeholders, not just politicians… even the very young who depend on this sector for employment, you have a responsibility to support this project and investments like these. “

Dennis said Tobago cannot build a strong tourism sector without such investment.

Trade Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon and Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell also spoke.

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