Luxury hotel owned by Sri Lankan president’s personal shaman set on fire by protesters


Luxury hotel owned by Sri Lankan president’s personal shaman set on fire by protesters

Colombo, May 10 (UNI) Protesters set fire to a luxury hotel in Anuradhapura believed to belong to the Sri Lankan President’s personal shaman Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and also set fire to his residence, according to reports. “Gnana Akka” is said to be President Rajapaksa’s chief astrologer. His luxury hotel in the Nuwara Wewa district of Anuradhapura was burned down amid unrest in Sri Lanka on Monday night. Several other properties linked to government politicians were also set on fire by the angry public overnight, hours after Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned as prime minister after weeks of public anger. In addition, two hotels and a restaurant belonging to the mayor of Ambalangoda were also attacked. A few days ago, Gnana Akka was “mandated” by the president to “charm the demonstrators” demanding the president’s resignation in the face of the worsening economic crisis. Gnana Akka had been ‘charming’ tons of bottled water that was delivered to the Galle Face ‘Gota Go Gama’ protest site. The charmed water was sent as “donations” to the Gota Go Gama protest site. Gnana Akka is said to have ensured that anyone drinking the charmed water would be subdued and eventually give up their agitation against the president and his family. For the ritual to charm the bottled water, the shaman had wanted two dozen wild flowers that were not easily found in her district of Anuradhapura and some exotic flowers had been stolen from neighboring India. Unconfirmed reports indicate that military personnel were used for the construction of the luxury hotel in Gnana Akka and for its security. On Monday night, anti-government protesters also burned down a house belonging to Mahinda Rajapaksa in Kurunegala, northwestern Sri Lanka, hours after he resigned as prime minister, and protesters were also trying to break in breaking into his Temple Trees home in Colombe. Media showed videos of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s house in Kurunegala all on fire. The protesters also burned down the ancestral home of the Rajapaksas at Medamulana in Hambantota. Video footage showed the ancestral home of the Rajapaksas burning to cheers and boos from protesters. The homes of several Sri Lankan MPs from Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) were also attacked or burned. The DR Rajapaksa memorial in Madamulana, Hambanthota was destroyed by protesters and the statues there were smashed. The houses of the Chief Minister of North Central Province – Maheepala Herath and his son – Kanaka Herath were set on fire by protesters. Earlier in the evening, the homes and offices of several SLPP MPs had been attacked by mobs and some had been set on fire. UNI RN


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