Interagency narcotics team finds illegal drugs and weapons in hotel



An interagency team working with Australian and US agencies dismantled a drug lab operating at Sanctuary Hotel last week – but it could be for nothing, as PNG does not have the proper laws to prosecute offenders involved in criminal acts. such dangerous drugs, one said a chief policeman.

The head of the Illicit Drugs and Narcotics Investigation Team, Donald Yamasombi, said PNG Police and PNG Customs have been working with the Australian Federal Police and the US Department of Homeland Security in an operation dubbed Saki Bomb, to track an illegal shipment from the United States aboard a shipment. ship, to PNG, resulting in the arrest last week of the director of hotel operations, Jamie Pang.

He said police executed a search warrant on November 16 and raided the Sanctuary Hotel in Waigani and found a mini clandestine lab to produce methamphetamine, a very dangerous recreational drug sometimes called ice or methamphetamine.

He said the underground lab was found inside the hotel room adjacent to Pang’s room.

Police also discovered and seized high powered firearms and live ammunition of various calibers.

“A story in the making for the police to see a lab where we have them producing methamphetamine,” Yamasombi said.

Pang was charged with four counts of possession of unlicensed firearms, five counts of possession of live ammunition and two counts of possession of firearms – a total of 11 counts, for which he has pleaded guilty last Friday in Boroko District Court. (See separate story on this page).

“Unfortunately, we cannot charge him with methamphetamine because there is no legislation,” Yamasombi said.

“For us, it’s a slap in the face although we have evidence and substances to prove.

“But a good result of the operation is that he had pleaded guilty and we are now awaiting the court’s decision this week.”

He said investigations are continuing and other avenues will be explored to prosecute Pang.


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