ICYMI: ‘Climate Hawk’ Casten flew 6,000 miles, stayed in luxury hotel to ‘fight’ global warming


September 26, 2022

Sean Casten, known as Congress’s “fierce climate hawk”, flew about 6,000 miles, emitting over 313,000 pounds of carbon, and stayed in a luxury four-star European hotel under the guise of fighting global warming,

It comes after Casten successfully secured billions of dollars in green energy spending, despite holding $500,000 in a green energy company that will directly benefit.

NRC Comment: “Sean Casten only cares about one thing: himself.” – Courtney Parella, NRC spokesperson

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Climate hawk Sean Casten flew 6,000 miles and stayed in a luxury European hotel to fight global warming
Washington’s Free Beacon
By Collin Anderson
September 24, 2022

Illinois Democratic Congressman Sean Casten, who has called the climate ‘crisis’ a ‘code red emergency’, walked about 6,000 miles and stayed in a luxury European hotel to fight global warming climate, according to House’s revelations.

Casten in late August and early September accompanied the Aspen Institute on the think tank’s congress trip to Reykjavík, Iceland, which aimed to provide members with advice “on issues of public policy as they relate to problem solving energy and climate,” according to the Democrat’s trip. disclosures. The trip saw Casten fly business class from Chicago to Reykjavík, Iceland, and back — a trek that totals 5,888 miles and over 313,000 pounds of carbon, given that planes produce an average of 53.3 pounds of carbon dioxide. of carbon per mile driven. The Aspen Institute also provided Casten with accommodation at the Grand Hotel Reykjavík – a four-star luxury hotel that includes a “magnificent spa” and a “lovely candlelit lounge” – and private dining for a total cost of nearly $5. 000 dollars.

Casten, who is known as the “fierce climate hawk” in Congress, said members of Congress “have a duty to do everything we can” to provide “our children and grandchildren” with a “planet livable”. In the case of his trip to Iceland, however, Casten certainly did not need to travel thousands of miles on a gas-guzzling flight to meet many of the climate “leaders” assembled by the Aspen Institute. According to the trip program, the majority of the “academics” Casten has met are based in America. A pair of “panel discussions” on the first day of the trip, for example, are expected to feature Polar Institute senior researcher Sherri Goodman, Harvard University’s Meghan O’Sullivan and Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah. , all based in the United States. .

Casten is far from the only prominent liberal climate activist on the Hill who has an admiration for foreign travel in the name of fighting global warming. John Kerry flew more than 180,000 miles in his role as President Joe Biden’s climate czar – those flights emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon, the Free Washington Beacon reported in September. Kerry, who has called climate change an “existential crisis…,” also owns a private jet worth an estimated $4.5 million and has made at least 48 trips since Biden took office. The Biden administration official defended his private jet trip, saying “it’s the only choice for someone like me, who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

Casten did not return a request for comment. Beyond his Icelandic excursion, the Democrat has managed to secure hundreds of billions of dollars in green energy spending while keeping up to $500,000 in a green energy company that will likely benefit from that spending.

Casten, his most recent financial disclosure, earned up to $50,000 in “partnership revenue” in 2021 from his significant stake in Greenleaf Power, a Sacramento-based green energy company that sells “neutral electricity. in carbon” to utility companies. The Democrats’ so-called Cut Inflation Act, which funnels nearly $400 billion into green energy initiatives and is not expected to have “a measurable impact on inflation,” allocates about $30 billion dollars to “utility and electric utility grant and loan programs” that get “clean electricity” from companies like Greenleaf. Casten called the bill a “historic victory for families” in a statement that did not disclose his investment in Greenleaf.

Casten, who was born in Dublin, joined Congress in 2019 and has since voted with Biden 99% of the time. The Democrat will face Republican fighter veteran and Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau in November after both candidates emerged from their double-digit June primaries. Casten has raised $3.4 million to Pekau’s $437,000 as of June 30.


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