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The return of the Finnish MotoGP event has once again been thrown into doubt after it emerged that two construction companies that helped build the KymiRing venue have filed for bankruptcy protection against it.

Originally slated to join the MotoGP calendar for the 2020 campaign before its hopes were dashed following the Covid-19 pandemic, the Finnish GP did not take place in 2021 or this year either as a continuation of the struggles and Covid issues regarding the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine respectively.

The ’22 event probably wouldn’t have happened even without the war, as the KymiRing failed to reach the level of homologation required to continue with a race weekend, and now its problems have continued. aggravated according to Finnish publication Yle, which reported that the circuit’s organizers owe around half a million euros to two separate construction sites that helped build it.

According to Yle, the two construction organizations – namely Maanrakennus Pekka Rautiainen ky and Macra oy – first had notices issued for their respective debts on June 13.ealthough due to the Kymiring not being paid, the companies are now trying to take it to bankruptcy court to recover the funds.

The event is still scheduled for 2023 in next year’s MotoGP calendar, although it remains to be seen how the upcoming financial challenges it will face will affect the circuit’s future plans.


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