Everything we know about the upcoming “Nobu” series


What drama can there be in the story of a chef and a hotelier? More than you think. Not only has Nobu Matsuhisa’s story taken him around the world – from Japan and Peru to Argentina and Alaska – but the traveling chef has also had his share of ups and downs in his career.

Born in 1949 in Saitama, Japan, where his parents had moved during World War II, Nobuyuki Mastuhisa grew up in the restaurant business, while his organic hotel chain confirmed. At the age of 12, he was working in a family sushi restaurant in Tokyo. At 24, by CNN, he was the minority partner of a sushi restaurant in Lima, Peru. What followed was a personal journey that saw Nobu weather financial and creative adversity until finally achieving star status after opening his restaurant (called Matsuhisa) in Los Angeles in 1987 (via Nobu Hotels) . From then on, the successes multiplied, restaurants and hotels flourished.

“This is one of the greatest, most inspiring and interesting stories I have ever had the opportunity to tell. Nobu’s reinvention of a kitchen, its staggering success in redefining culture food in the world and its push into the hospitality industry would be impressive and interesting. enough for a series, but I’m bowled over by the untold story of the man. It’s a study in perseverance and triumph over adversity. – a self-made individual, whose career nearly crumbled and burned,” said director, Matt Tyrnauer (via Variety).


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