Downtown Phoenix hotel helps Afghan and Syrian refugees get a fresh start in life in the United States


A downtown Phoenix hotel is hiring more than 40 refugees from Afghanistan and Syria, providing them with a place to work as they transition to their new lives in the United States.

Over the past few months, the Sheraton has been hiring refugees, and Maselluah, who arrived in Phoenix in the fall of 2021, said while it’s been a challenge adjusting to his new life, he remains grateful for the opportunity given to him.

On March 18, Maseullah was all smiles as he mingled with new friends in Phoenix and ate traditional Afghan food in Nowruz, the first day of a new year celebrated in parts of the Middle East, including the Afghanistan.

“During lunchtime, we come here to the cafeteria and eat,” said Maseullah, who escaped the Taliban eight months ago, leaving his relatives behind.

“Sometimes I talk to my mom and my sisters, my dad,” Maselluah said. “I really miss them.”

Although he misses his family, Maselluah is motivated to move on, more than ever.

“So nervous about how can we meet people, how can we find jobs and how can we talk to people. It’s so hard for us,” Maselluah said. “

Maselluah is among dozens of people recently hired by the Sheraton. Currently, he works as a clerk in the reserve.

“We get money, we help my family financially, especially myself because I want to start my studies again here,” said Maselluah, who plans to study landscape architecture.

For now, however, Maselluah is enjoying his stay at the Sheraton and all the help he has received.

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