Concert review: Lindsey Buckingham at the Theater at Ace Hotel


Concert review: Lindsey Buckingham at the Theater at Ace Hotel

Lindsey Buckingham is an American musician known as the former guitarist and singer of the folk-rock band Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham became the lead guitarist in 1975 and continued until 2018. He has been creating solo music since 1981. With the release of his latest album, Lindsey Buckingham, this year, Buckingham began his tour of the United States. The 20th stop of his tour took place at the Theater at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.

The theater was packed – every seat was packed with fans waiting to hear their favorite songs from Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac. The performance opened with Buckingham and his band – a keyboardist, bassist, second guitarist and synthesizer – entering the stage as blue and purple stage lights illuminated them. At the start of the music, a spotlight shone on Buckingham, making it stand out from the rest of the group.

The audience erupted in applause and cheers as Buckingham performed the evening’s first song, “Not Too Late,” from his 2006 Under the skin album. The song included a fast guitar solo that Buckingham played perfectly; the audience was enthralled seeing his fingers moving so quickly on the guitar.

Later, Buckingham performed his song “Stars Are Crazy”, which was greeted with cheers, dances and swings from the audience. The stage was engulfed in a blue light that gradually faded until the chorus resumed, during which the lights would flash intensely with the music.

Just before the seventh song in the set, the band members left the stage, with the exception of Buckingham, who stayed in the foreground with his guitar. He then expressed his excitement about playing in his hometown of Los Angeles, saying, “We are, needless to say, so grateful to be here tonight. It took us a while to get here. , but we finally got there. We are here, and you are all here too. Love it, love it, proud hometown! “

Buckingham went on to perform a number of solo songs including “Shut Us Down”, “Trouble” and two Fleetwood Mac songs, “Never Going Back Again” and “Big Love”. The solo performance was intimate, with Buckingham serenading the audience, who returned the favor with cheers, applause and dancing. Throughout the solo portion of the night, Buckingham was illuminated by a single spotlight, giving it an even more personal feel.

After this solo segment, the band returned to the stage to perform new songs from Buckingham’s new album, including “Scream” and “I Don’t Mind”. Buckingham introduced the songs by explaining that this new album developed more meaning for the band members due to the time it took to come out due to the pandemic and other conflicts. The songs had a more electronic feel than Buckingham’s previous work, with more synth and vocal effects. During the chorus of each song, a chorus effect could be heard on the vocals, giving the song even more excitement.

Buckingham played four Fleetwood Mac songs to close the set, and the audience went wild. They rose in their ranks and danced the aisles, enjoying the nostalgia that accompanied these songs. The couples danced slowly, people waved their arms, friends danced together – it was an energetic and happy end of the night.

“I’m So Afraid” began with a drum solo, and the spotlight shined on the drummer as he launched the song. Eventually, Buckingham joined him as well, playing a guitar solo on the drums. The curtains were then illuminated with a yellow light and dark purple stage lights flooded the floor. Buckingham took center stage, closer to the audience, as he performed his impressive guitar solo. The audience was mesmerized; Buckingham managed to make these intense and fast solos incredibly easy.

At the end of the final song, “Go Your Own Way,” Buckingham took his guitar off the stage and allowed members of the audience standing in front to strum his guitar. During his solo, he stared at the audience, seeming to make an effort to watch everyone seated in the theater. At the end of the song, the stage lights went out and pointed towards the audience as they clapped.

The audience patiently waited for an encore, and the wait was worth it as Buckingham and his band returned to the stage. ” You are the best. The hometown, I love it! Great, great evening for us; we enjoyed playing for you so much tonight! said Buckingham as he entered.

Buckingham performed the song “Love Is Here to Stay,” a cover of a song he sang with Christine McVie in 2017. The audience stood and swayed as the purple and turquoise lights added a mystical feeling to the performance.

The last song of the evening was “Time”, a song from the new album which Buckingham said had taken on a “visceral complex” for him because he had waited three years for the album to be released. The song was slow and haunting, almost sounding like a dark lullaby. The audience could feel the emotion behind the song through the passionate sweetness of Buckingham’s vocals. The song ended and the audience cheered and cheered as Buckingham and his band thanked the crowd and bowed. Lights flooded the theater and the audience paraded, ready to remember that night for years to come.

Define the list:

Not too late

In our own time

Never Go Back (Fleetwood Mac)

Great Love (Fleetwood Mac)


it does not bother me

On the wrong side

Used News (Fleetwood Mac)

I’m so scared (Fleetwood Mac)

Go Your Own Path (Fleetwood Mac)


Love is Here to Stay (Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie cover)

Time (cover of Pozo-Seco Singers)



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