Colorado photographer blasted for unpaid jobs, files for bankruptcy



DENVER (KDVR) – Dozens of photographers across the country are warning a Colorado wedding photographer accused of withholding thousands of dollars in payment in recent months.

Many of these photographers contacted FOX31 Problem Solvers, only to find they weren’t alone in their struggle for payment. Now dozens of photographers from Colorado to Pennsylvania have warned brides across the country to avoid Suzanne Nevill Photography.

“This is all awful,” Krista Juhl told Problem Solvers on Sunday. “I really hope she knows the magnitude of the way she has treated people.”

Juhl shot several weddings for Nevill, but never got paid for the last two weddings she worked on over the summer. She owes $ 1,300.

“I really feel bad for everyone in this situation. Photographers and clients included, ”said Amy Graham, a Colorado-based photographer who is owed $ 800. “I would like to be paid for the time I worked. I work very hard for the couples that I photograph as if they were my own.

Most of the photographers who spoke with Problem Solvers shared a similar story of how they met Nevill, connected with her on Facebook, and were often hired at the last minute to do the job as an associate photographer. . Many have said that Nevill’s excuses for needing help are often extreme.

“She told me that the photographer she hired ‘had broken her leg’ so she needed to hire someone immediately and it was an emergency,” said Jordin Atteridg, who was due 3 $ 000 for three weddings she photographed this summer.

Atteridg said she tried to contact Nevill every week to get the money she was owed, but always had a different excuse.

“She kept telling me, I’ll pay you today, I’ll send a payment this weekend, and nothing ever came,” Atteridg said. “It got to the point where she owed me thousands of dollars and I couldn’t work for free anymore. “

Many newlyweds these photographers were hired to take photos through Nevill’s wedding company did not receive their wedding photos because the photographers never received their second deposit. Photographers were told by Nevill that they would be paid again after the wedding. Without Nevill’s second deposit, photographers feel the need to keep the photos because it’s the only thing they have to secure a final paycheck.

“The worst part of it all are these poor couples who don’t have their photos,” Atteridg said. “We all cling to these photos so as not to be fools, we do it because it’s the only thing we need to be paid for.”

Nevill responded to Problem Solvers’ request for comment, stating in part:

I had a little more than I could chew on. I was often overworked, tired and exhausted – anything an experienced photographer will tell you will happen if you don’t value yourself. As my family has grown and life has changed, my availability and priorities have changed a lot, making it difficult for people to access sessions. So I started an associate program – where I would hire photographers to take pictures for me. It was great at first when I only had one but the same thing happened I kept booking more and more and needed more and more people. I slowly started to fall further behind. I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought the more I booked, the more money I would make and eventually get out of it. But it got worse and worse.

Nevill filed for bankruptcy and said she plans to pay everyone back.

However, Nevill is still advertising photo shoots starting on Sunday.



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