Beaumont Hotel Developer Reaffirms Restoration Project After Pandemic Delays



The eventual rebirth of the historic Beaumont Hotel in the city’s downtown core may have skipped its original proposed timeline, but project developers say they are still determined to restore the site to a functional hotel.

Mack Patel, whose company bought the nearly 100-year-old building more than two years ago, told Enterprise this week that the pandemic evidently canceled any plans to start construction last year, but that the project would still go ahead.

“We worked on several projects simultaneously, including this one, but timing is everything,” Patel said. “The pandemic played a big role in delaying our plans, and even now the material costs and available materials are hard to keep up. We were barely at this point in the process when the pandemic began. “

Representatives of the Patel Company planning to hire in order to obtain the historic preservation credits for the project were supposed to visit the building just before the start of the government-mandated closures in late March 2020.

He said the company quickly canceled the tour, which was the first move in a cascade of delays.

Based on very optimistic estimates, Patel said work could resume by the end of spring or summer of next year.

The currently empty Beaumont Hotel was completed in 1922 for $ 1 million, roughly $ 16 million in today’s economy.

At its peak, its ballrooms hosted numerous balls, galas and other community events until it was converted into a retirement home in 1977. It closed in 2011.

Despite some attempts to expand the property along the way, such as when it was sold to California hotelier Seth McCormick in 2014 for $ 1.1 million, it has remained empty since it closed.

Another development plan was presented in 2017, but it was also unsuccessful.

Patel, who owns eight hotels, including four Hampton Inns, was already planning a hotel in Beaumont but was looking near Walden Road in south Beaumont.

Two new hotels from a local real estate developer opened on Walden Road in 2019, further expanding the Beaumont hotel corridor.

The 26,700-square-foot building was recently valued at nearly $ 1.1 million, about 200,000 less than in 2019, according to the Jefferson County Appraisal District.

The building has 11 floors with two ballrooms at the top.

News of Patel’s company, Beaumont Developers LLC, which could revitalize the building, broke in September 2019 when requests for tax incentives were sent to the city.

Patel’s incentive request predicted a construction cost of between $ 5 and $ 9 million for the 138-room hotel with an estimated construction start date of September 2020 and a completion date of January 2022.

The deadline has already passed, but Ward II Councilor Mike Getz recently visited the building with Patel and said he was reassured the developer was still serious about the project.

“A tremendous amount of vandalism has occurred, but he said he was determined to move forward with the project,” Getz told Enterprise.

In addition to the graffiti and damaged property, Patel said vandals broke fixtures and clogged drains in the building, resulting in two separate flooding inside the Beaumont Hotel since his company purchased the property.

He said the damage was “devastating and shattering,” but Beaumont Developers is trying to get cooperation with the city to better secure the building until work can begin in earnest.

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