Arts Council and Deputy Minister file objections against Cobblestone hotel and pub development


The Arts Council has intervened in the debate over the future of the Cobblestone pub, saying what is planned “would be a significant cultural loss for the city of Dublin”.

To boost campaigners’ hopes for the complete maintenance of the famous Smithfield pub, the Arts Council and a junior government minister filed objections calling for the denial of the 114-room hotel plan for the site.

Dublin City Council (DCC) on Wednesday confirmed that 717 objections had been registered against Marron Estates Ltd’s proposal to build a nine-story hotel on the protected structure of the Cobblestone pub.

There have been several large protests in recent weeks against the proposed development of the pub at the top of Smithfield Square, known for its links to traditional music.

In a rare intervention in the planning arena, Arts Council Director Maureen Kennelly told DCC that “the mid-term closure – during construction – and the likely reduction in the pub’s physical and social footprint Cobblestone and the concert hall on completion would be a significant cultural loss for the Smithfield area and the city of Dublin ”.

Ms. Kennelly says Cobblestone “is a long established and integral part of artistic endeavor where it welcomes practitioners and teachers of the traditional arts with exceptional impact.”

She said that “the growth and development of this influential touchstone for tradition depends on its location, integrating as it does with the social fabric of the city”.

Ms Kennelly said that the pub’s successful and stimulating engagement with the arts community “has spanned thirty years and it is imperative that the physical and artistic infrastructure not be dismantled and the arts community established. moved ”.

Ms. Kennelly further states that the Arts Council is of the opinion that the proposed development, due to its scale, shape and design, “would have significant negative effects on the built and cultural heritage of downtown Montreal. Dublin ”.

In his objection, Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform and Green TD, Malcolm Noonan, told council that it is clear that the loss of Cobblestone as a venue for music and the performing arts “is a deep concern for the whole community ”.

Minister Noonan maintains that DCC is refusing the building permit “and gives priority to the cultural, social and character of the city of Dublin”.

An Taisce also filed an objection against the regime. Its Dublin city planner, Kevin Duff, said the proposed development “represents major over-development” and should be denied a building permit, pointing out that there are 2,000 hotel rooms completed, under construction and licensed for the region.

In an objection, the former environmental editor with Irish weather, Frank McDonald, asserted that what is planned from top to bottom is a “cultural parody”.

However, a planning report filed by McCutcheon Halley on behalf of the applicants indicates that the project was designed to sensitively respond to existing protected structures and will integrate and adapt these buildings for a new use, thus creating new modern elements that respect the heritage .

McCutcheon Halley says the project “will create a vibrant and attractive iconic building.”

The consultants say that the development of the hotel as well as the addition of a new restaurant and the maintenance of the Cobblestone pub “will contribute to the growth of Dublin as a global city of scale”.

A decision is expected later this month.


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