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Setting the scene: what’s the scoop with this place?
A love letter to the lunar landscape and wild nature, a triumph of concrete and architectural lines, a game changer for the entire industry. A sensation upon its opening, and a sensation now, Amangiri is a butler coup that isn’t just stunning, but a wild ride if you want it to be. Another world is the first thing that comes to your mind when you collide with the dusty Amangiri Road, past orange headlands as tall as skyscrapers and arid expanses of 180 million old desert. years. On the horizon, a coyote stands out against a swollen pink sky. When you spot the hotel from a distance, it seems to disappear when you blink, then reappears as a mirage. It’s a four hour drive from Las Vegas and a world away from civilization.
Wow, that sounds pretty amazing. What’s the story behind?
Aman Resorts are strong on a sense of place, serving as portals to their destinations, with an emphasis on architecture, service, food and spa.
Understood. What can we expect from the rooms?
Spartan, minimalist and very well appointed. The 34 rooms are a contemporary take on Native American shelters and keep you focused on the outdoors: the beds face panoramic windows with stunning views; the terraces have outdoor fireplaces and, in the Desert Pool Suite, an outdoor bed, where you can contemplate the bounties of the ancient desert under an array of stars.
We will definitely have to book this one. What about food and drink?

Mexico meets Native Americans, featuring ingredients such as blue corn, green chili, avocado. Try the bison steak or the bison chili. You’re in the western hinterland, so expect to eat most meals in Amangiri, it’s all inclusive.
It makes it easy. Does anything stand out in the service?
Everyone seems to know you, it’s like you’ve been coming here your whole life. The concierge is king, arranging dinosaur digs and canyon tours so you don’t miss a thing.
We like it. What type of person is staying here?
Researchers — an affluent crowd after a more authentic experience. Rockstars, bohemians, families, honeymooners. Come with a soul mate.
Well, what does the surrounding neighborhood look like?
The is no quarter, that’s the goal. Lake Powell and its sleepy town (read: comatose) are a 20-minute drive away. Nearby is the Navajo Reservation, with slot canyons to explore, national parks such as Bryce, Grand Canyon and Zion, and colossal boulders to climb, making it an adrenaline junkie’s paradise.
Looks like there are plenty around. Something we missed?
You could spend a week in the Navajo inspired spa, it’s beautiful.
Done and done. And something that you would change?
Families are welcome at Amangiri which is great, although a separate dining area for evening quiet might be a good idea for those looking for romance or extreme R&R.
Fair point – thanks for the tip. So, is it worth it and why?
It’s worth it. It’s expensive, difficult to access, and limited in a way. But that’s why you visit Amangiri: to immerse yourself in its surrounding nature, vast and ridiculously beautiful. There is something transforming here. You will leave a deeper person, which we all want, ultimately, right? Otherwise, come just for the food, the view, and the spa treatments.



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