5 supernatural K-dramas to binge watch for Halloween


There is an endless supply of Korean dramas for fans of the supernatural and fantasy genre. As Halloween approaches, there are some dramas that will satisfy every desire and itch a viewer wants to see on screen. This list of supernatural K-dramas ranges from ghosts beyond the mortal world to a blood-sucking vampire roaming the night.

K-dramas like Hotel Del Luna are considered classics and a drama that every new fan has on their roster. Amid ghosts, haunted real estate, and the threat of mighty demons, viewers will find it difficult to look away from their screens.

actors Jung Yong-hwa and Jang Na-ra for “Sell Your Haunted House” | via Viki

“A Korean Odyssey” Is One Of The Most Recognized Fantasy / Supernatural K-Dramas (Netflix)

There is a unique story to A Korean odyssey. 2017 K-drama script is inspired by 16th-century Chinese novel Travel west. Created by the Hong sisters, the K-drama interweaves mythical gods, fatal romance, and the threat of disastrous evil.

A young girl can see the spirits. One day, she meets a demon who asks her to retrieve an item from a magical house. There, she meets the Monkey King, Son Oh-gong (Lee Seung-gi). In exchange for protection from evil, Oh-gong convinces the young girl to release him from his prison. Instead of keeping his promise, he erases his memory.

Jin Seon-mi (Oh ​​Yeon-seo) was that little girl and grew up owning a real estate company specializing in haunted properties. She crosses paths with Oh-gong and begins a relationship, but there is a complicated detail. Oh-gong learns that a Sam-jang has been born who can grant immortality to anyone who feasts on it. Seon-mi happens to be the Sam-jang as an ancient evil threatens to destroy humanity.

‘Hotel del Luna’ stars K-pop idol IU in whimsical K-drama (Netflix)

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Every K-drama fan has heard or watched Hotel del Luna. In 2019, it was the most-watched tvN K drama on cable television. The supernatural fantasy K-drama centered around Jang Man-wol (IU). Centuries ago, she was forced to become the director of Hotel del Luna to atone for his past crimes.

The hotel is a supernatural place between the two worlds and is only visible to humans under special circumstances. Ghosts visit the hotel to come to terms with past grievances or unfinished business they left behind. Hotel del Luna has a new Deputy Manager, Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo). Man-wol negotiated a deal with Chan-sung’s father before his death. The two characters develop a bickering relationship that turns into love as they uncover the secrets of the hotel.

‘The Scholar Who Walks the Night’ is a spooky supernatural drama starring blood-sucking vampires (Viki)

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The scholar who walks at night is a popular historical drama with supernatural elements to watch out for for Halloween. Its story is set during the Joseon Dynasty as a nobleman’s daughter makes a drastic decision to make ends meet. Jo Yang-sun (Lee Yu-bi) disguises himself as a man to work as a bookseller.

Her secret is compromised when she meets the suave and mysterious scholar Kim Sung-yeol (Lee Joon-gi). But, Sung-yeol has his own secret to keep. He’s a 120-year-old guardian vampire who punishes vampires who break the rules.

This K drama has a love story. Sung-yeol’s first love was sacrificed centuries ago and is heartbroken. He seeks the secret to kill the powerful vampire responsible. Along the way, Sung-yeol finds himself caring for Yang-sun, which can take its toll.

‘The Uncanny Counter’ is about teenager given new opportunity (Netflix)

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In 2020, K-drama fans saw a content boom on Netflix by acquiring the streaming rights to many new dramas. One of the most popular was that of JTBC The odd meter. This K drama is strictly about the supernatural and fantasy with no need for romance. Based on a Daum webtoon, the story follows So Mun (Jo Byung-gyu), a high school student.

Mun therefore lost his parents in a car accident and became physically disabled in one leg. He quickly learns that the world is not what it seems. In a twist of fate, he is possessed by a spirit of Yung, a border between the afterlife and the mortal world. Then Mun learns of the existence of Counters, a group of demon hunters who eradicate evil spirits that escape the afterlife.

As So Mun exhibits powers never before seen and adapts to his new life, the Counters battle a mighty demon. Their new foe reveals So Mun’s past, and her parents’ deaths may not have been an accident. Soompi reported that the drama has been confirmed for a second season.

“Sell You Haunted House” takes real estate to the supernatural / fantasy world (Viki)

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The scenario of Sell ​​your haunted house may seem strangely familiar to another series. The k-drama draws parallels with the SyFy series, Surrealist. Unlike the SyFy series, the supernatural / fantasy K-drama has more gripping and emotional plot elements.

Soompi describe, “Sell ​​your haunted house was praised for its combination of occultism and humanism. Hong Ji-ah (Jang Na-ra) is the owner of Daebak Real Estate, specializing in eradicating the spirits of haunted properties.

Ji-ah’s mother was also an exorcist and could see the spirits. As a young girl, Ji-ah witnessed the death of her mother during an exorcism. Fans will sympathize with the character as his abilities allow him to see his mother’s spirit which cannot move forward. She meets the crook Oh In-beom (Jung Yong-hwa). They team up to find the answers to the death of Ji-ah’s mother and the inexplicable death of In-beom’s uncle.


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